Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sportin' the spike

A bad haircut can seriously ruin your day. Really. It can. My whole day, which had been fairly good, went down the drain with a few whacks from an over-eager, none-too-talented stylist.

It's been about four months since my last cut when I had about 8-inches cut off for a shorter, more sporty, easier cut. I LOVED it. It was cute and just long enough to stay curly and bouncy.

I went back to the same salon last night, hoping for a trim and the same end result.

Instead, I walked out of there looking almost like G.I. Jane. I don't remember saying, "Hey! I'd really like to be ALMOST BALD!"

Seriously. I think there's about an inch of hair on the top of my head. And the curls? Gone. I almost cried because dammit, now I look like a dyke. Yes, Jenn now has a dyke spike. I'm considering investing in a pile of t-shirts, flannels and a pair of rugged hiking boots to complete the look. Talk about the least sexy look I could ever imagine. Poor hubby, I'm sure he had nightmares about sleeping next to a dude last night!

It looks a lot like this:
But Alyssa pulls it off 100% better than I ever could!

Hopefully it will grow enough in about a month to look like what I'd originally had in mind. And I can guarantee I WON'T be going back to that particular stylist again!


nell said...

Oh, Jenn, there is nothing more disappointing than getting a bad haircut. I'm sorry. It will grow back though, and at least it's winter now, so there are all kinds of cute hats you can wear.

The worst haircut I ever got was also the most expensive, and the stylist was so excited about making my head look like a giant puffball that I didn't say anything. I just re-trimmed it myself when I got home.

Jenn said...

Nell, why the heck don't we ever say anything to the stylist who makes us look so bad? I HATED it as soon as I saw it, but she seemed so pleased with herself I couldn't say a thing about hating it. It's not like she could have glued my hair back on anyway.

I just tipped her and went on my way.

Krista said...

Sad! I'm sorry about your hair cut! I once went for a trim when I had long hair and she couldn't even get it straight across my back. My dad fixed it when I got home and until I cut my hair short with a "style" again he trimmed my hair for me after that!
And then there was the lady that almost gave my hubby a "bald" look 2 weeks before our wedding. SO SAD!
Definitely go back to someone you like!

Wendy said...

You're scaring me! And I'm getting my hair cut in about 2 hours!

Jenn said...

Krista...oh, there is almost nothing worse than a bad haircut. It's such an obvious part of who you are. But bald right before your wedding? Oh nos! I'll bet you wanted to cry.

Wendy...crossing my fingers you have a better experience than me and come back even more beautiful than before.

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

Oh no! I'm of the 'it will grow back' mentality, but I've never had a cut that I truly hated.

I'm currently looking for a different stylist - actually, I've been looking since my fave stylist quit to stay at home with her kids. I've tried three and still havn't found the perfect love connection for my hair.

MP said...

OH bummer...I had a "sub" a couple months ago and she basically trimmed up what my girl did but she "textureized" too much and it looked like I had a clum missing on my right side..
You are right..what do you say? At least it was't a bad color or perm.. I remember some bad perms in the 80's! WOW...

Sona said...

I've had dreadful haircuts before. And a really bad perm once. And a bad coloring job.

Enough to make you cry, isnt' it?

Good hairdressers are really hard to find.

Lynnette Labelle said...

Man, that sucks. Nothing worse than a bad haircut. Well, I suppose there are worse things, but still... It sucks. What about hair extensions? I've never done that before, so I don't even know if it's a possibility, but maybe??

I remember when a stylist cut my hair short like that too. I was only 12. It was rather traumatic. I remember running into a friend of my mom's when she and I were shopping. The woman asked my mom if I was her son!!! ARGH!!

Dapoppins said...

You said: Cute short bouncy curls.
The stylist heard: crew cut.

How's that for getting lost in translation!