Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Morning excitement

Words you DON'T want to hear from your 7-year-old at 6:30 a.m.:

"Mom! What is that?!"

"What is what?"

"Oh GROSS! It's something dead and Akasha's playing with it. EWWWW!! There's a dead animal in the living room!"

And dead it was. Good 'n dead. Seems the dog, once again, found the road kill 'coon we've been regularly tossing back into the woods for over a month and hauled that rotting carcass into the house while I wasn't looking.

Moms get the grossest wiping butts, mopping up puke and picking up rotting dead 'coons off the living room carpet at 6:30 in the morning before coffee.


Alicia said...

Okay, THAT is one of the most disgusting things I've read in a long time. Thanks for putting a little perspective into my life. Boogers on TV remote? Child's play -- literally.

Sona said...

Why not trash bag it? Ew!

One of our cats used to bring us mice she caught in the garage, but they were whole offerings.

Wendy said...

i thought just cats did that.

maybe the dog wanted to help make dinner today! (barf!)

Anonymous said...

Oh yuck! My puppy did the same thing with a dead squirrel last fall. Every time he came in from being in the yard he smelled like death. I would give him a bath and then he would go out and do it again. I looked all over the yard for whatever it was he was getting into. I didn't figure it out until he brought me the little present. I nearly tossed my cookies!

Jenn said...

Alicia...I dunno...boogers on the remote is pretty gross! Especially if you're sitting eating popcorn and get one stuck to your finger or something.

Sona...that nasty thing is bagged and in the Dumpster now. I figured if I tossed it in the woods (the last few times) some other animal would turn it into dinner. Guess only my dogs are gross enough to want to carry it around like a chew toy.

The cat brings us headless mice. Or pieces of mice. Last week he left a paw, a tail and a little chunk of what appeared to be brain.

Wendy...Mmmm...'coon stew! Will go well with the poop soup out in the pasture.

Slackermommy...Ugh, there is almost no smell more revolting than a dog who has discovered a highly fragrant putrid corpse to roll around in. They are pretty nasty...and we let them lick our faces! EWWWW!!! I told the girls to not let the dogs lick them for awhile, there might be bits of 'coon stuck between their teeth.

Krista said...

Ew ew and ew. I think I'm about to lose my lunch.
And my hubby loves letting dogs lick him. I refuse to kiss him then until he has washed his face! Even if it's an inside dog. Do you know where those dogs like to lick?