Thursday, February 28, 2008

On the Uno beat

Oh, this is just crazy! I'm am constantly amazed over what people get excited about.

My latest "big" story (read: fluffy fluff) is about Uno, this year's Westminster winner. He was bred and born in the little city I work in.

It's been a fun story to do, but I'm all dogged out on it. The number of emails and phone calls I've received because of this story has just floored me. It's a dog. But for some reason people LOVE this little beagle.

I've received email from the promotions guy for the Chicago Blackhawks, from the CEO of PetsMart, from the CEO of the U.S. Humane Society and more voicemails and emails than I care to count from people who just want to share either the stories about their own beagles or to rave about what a wonderful little pooch Uno is.

My Uno stories have been the most-read stories on our website for a couple of weeks, beating out all of our crime and murder stories. Which just surprises me. I always thought people would rather read about the latest stupid criminal in their city or about bad politicians.

I was wrong. Apparently readers want dog stories.


MP said...

I love the Uno story from Peoria..with the 91 year old lady.. I was reading that on KSDK.COM today!

Jenn said...

I gave them that story *grin* because there was no way in HELL I was driving up to Peoria for a dog.

It was a good story, definitely...the woman seems to be quite the character...I would have liked to meet her.

Wendy said...

I'm glad to hear that people want to read about it! Uno is a cutie (not that I'd ever want a beagle after all the troublemaker ones I've know)!

Dorky Dad said...

Tell me about it. I think it's funny the stories that get the most attention -- just look at the Times web site.

But better a dog than crime. But that's just me.

Jim Thomsen said...

Ways to Save Newspapers, Chapter 117:

Free Lhasa Apso or Bichon Frise with each subscription! (Limit 10.)