Saturday, March 01, 2008

Growing up

"HEY! Where my teefs go?"

The tooth fairy better stock up the bank account, we have many, many more to go.


Sona said...

Ah, the gap tooth pics! My daughter has lost all but one of her front teeth so far. In a couple of weeks we're going to see an orthodontist. Yay. Not.

She looks precious. I love the freckles!

Kathy said...

What a perfectly wonderful face! Beautiful! Happy! Fun!

Krista said...

Aw, another milestone yourself!
And right now I'm looking at the pic on your sidebar of her picking her nose... so "cute" ;)

A. Di :) said...

Great pic! Before long she'll be a teenager begging you for braces on those currently missing teeth!!!$$$

Jenn said...

Sona...she's ready to pull that middle one out, it's a bit loose and driving her crazy.

Kathy...thank you! I'll tell her you said that. Fortunately she is an EXTREMELY happy, fun, joyful kid. She just doesn't do grumpy well. Yet.

Krista...That nose picking one is a little old, but I love it! I just can't bring myself to replace it yet.

a.di...oh, I'm hoping she got my genes for nice straight teeth. We've already been through the big bucks on braces for Wild. No fun. Still paying that humongous bill off. Ick.

Dapoppins said...

My son told me he has two loose top teeth....they better be baby teeth!

MP said...

LOVE the freckles..just as cute as the gaps in her teeth..

amy said...

Wow. I see her momma in her so much in that pic. And even her hair is maturing into that lovely shade you have.
She has cuter freckles, though. Lucky kid! Freckles are the BEST!

Jenn said...

dapoppins...I hope their baby teeth...he'd look awful funny wearing a bridge at such a young age. :P

mp...I wish I could convince her to love her freckles as much as I do. They are adorable! And the number doubles during the summertime.

Amy...Poor kid! :P At least she knows what she has to look forward to as she gets older, eh? Her hair has definitely been getting redder and redder, that's for sure!