Monday, March 10, 2008

I think I'll keep him

I called the TV show lady and said "Thanks, but no thanks." Not only did I NOT want to appear on a television talk show with my family in front of millions, do you have any idea what a pain in the butt it would be to try to find someone on short notice to take care of all of our critters while we gallavant around New York? Yeah, not going to happen.

So, don't look for us on Tyra any time soon!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my hubby? Oh, what a great guy he is! Saturday morning we got up and discovered the front tire on my truck was flat. Brand new tire...flat. Dammit. Those tires are HUGE, by the way. Now, don't get me wrong, I can change my own tire without a hitch. I've changed plenty. But the problem is, I really didn't want to. Those tires are HUGE! And heavy. And the spare was all nestled up snugly beneath the bed, where scooting around beneath the truck on my back would have been required.

My hubby, my darling computer geek of a husband, slid right under my truck, in the mud and grass and gravel, retrieved the spare and changed my stinkin' flat tire for me. What a gem. What a keeper!

Now I have a flat tire in the bed of my truck waiting to be repaired or replaced. I sure hope it can be repaired. I don't exactly have and extra $130 floating around at the moment to replace the stinkin' tire. Especially with the pasture needing reseeding, the driveway gravelled, new fencing installed and a barn/run-in to build. If it's not one thing, it's another.


Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Well darn about the show. I was hoping you would do it, but I can't say I would do it either. Be on TV? Ack!

I have a keeper there. What a man!

Kathy said...

Well I agree with you about nixing the TV show! Heck, hold out for Jerry Springer!

I love it when men will do the manly stuff. Especially when I don't want to. (I hope you didn't forget to reward him.*wink*)

Hey, we have the same list of things to do this spring. Except for the 'repair the tire'. Is it under warrantee?

Kathy said...

or even warranty? or is that warrenty? or maybe um... covered by insurance?

Krista said...

Aw, sweet hubby! I hope you can get the tire fixed, especially if it was new. don't they usually have warranties?

Crazy about that show! I totally agree that designer clothes for kids are dumb. Not that my 11 month old son has any say in the matter! And I buy clothes for him on clearance and if not then he's wearing hand-me-downs!

Dapoppins said...

I learned how to change a tire, and have no desire to ever do it.

yeah for helpful husbands.

kristi said...

You are so right!!!! I was looking for cheaper house insurance but in order to get it, we have to put a fence around the trampoline.....wonder how much that would be??

Yeah!! Your hubby sounds great.