Thursday, March 06, 2008

A "wow" moment

Some of you know I also write a column/blog for the paper I work for. Awhile ago I wrote about parents who spend an insane amount of money on clothes for their kids and that I just don't see the point in it. Anyway...I received this last night in my work email:

Hi Jennifer,
I read an article of yours in the Belleville News Democrat re: designer clothes for kids. We’re doing a show on Tuesday about a child who has a personal stylists. We’re bringing on families who spend exorbitant amounts of money on parties, clothes, hair cuts, etc. We are looking for a family to come on and represent the other side- the ones who see it all around them and feel the pressure but don’t succumb. If you and your husband are interested, I would like to discuss the show with you. Please call me in the office at (redacted). Thanks!

Julie A. Ruggiero
The Tyra Banks Show
226 West 26th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Kind of cool, but at the same time, I know she probably sent out hundreds of emails looking for parents like us. I'll give her a call, but I know how those shows can be and I'm not ALL that willing to put my family on the chopping block.



Sona said...

Well I think since you wrote an article you might be top listed for appearing on the show.

I suppose it all depends on how deeply you feel on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand spoilt kids... the parents are actually doing them more harm than good, what are they thinking getting a personal stylist for their kid... they basically are gonna create mental problems for the kid later in life! They could have just sent the kid to an online personal stylist service called www.istylista which I found the other day.. would save shrink bills in the future!

A. di :) said...

you could get a paid trip to New York. Knowing you, you wouldn't let them chop at your family.

Alicia said...

I'd have to watch a few episodes of the show first, but my initial reaction would be not to do it.

If I were on the show,

1. I'm not sure I could explain why I am against the money the parents spend on their kids without condemning their entire lifestyle and parenting.

2. I'm not sure I could explain the choices I make for my children without sounding as though I believe I am morally superior -- which I guess I do believe, or I wouldn't MAKE those choices, but I sure don't want to go on national tv and say that.

3. I would fear being made to look like a hippie mother-earth type throwback to the 1960s. I am one in many ways, without the marijuana and tie-dye, but I would fear being made to look ridiculous, and that fear would make me defensive and offensive.

4. I would not want to involve my children in that: "Don't YOU want to wear these clothes, that the in-crowd wears?" "Wouldn't YOU like to have an iPod?"

5. What would appearing on this show teach my children about personal decisions? about respecting other people's rights to personal decisions?

Doubtless, arguments can be made in favor of going on the show, but that's my internal conversation. I'd be interested in hearing what other people say.

Jenn said...

Sona...yeah, I kind of thought about that. But I also know there HAVE to be plenty of other families out there more willing to go so public. I feel pretty deeply about it, but not in front of a live audience!

Anon...I agree with you on spoiling kids with too much "stuff." I personally believe parents who feel the need to buy, buy, buy their kids stuff are doing because they feel guilty about not spending good, quality time with them. In my opinion, a couple of hours of my time with them are worth far more than handing over $100 and sending 'em shopping.

a.di..I'd love to visit N.Y. But I think I'd enjoy it more on my own time, my own schedule.

Alicia....EXACTLY! I know while defending/explaining my personal beliefs I'd come off as if I felt I was superior, which I don't believe I am. I just have a different set of values than those parents who indulge their kids in every whim.

MP said...

My thoughts (MINE)...would be to have a pow wow with the family. IF they are willing to entertain the thought then I would say: Are you paying my way? Putting me up in a hotel? Per diem for food?
Then HELL Yeah...but I wouldn't be confortable if they allow it to get all Jerry Springer w/ the Izod wearing kids calling your kids know what I mean?

My step son has the most AWESOME Ralph Lauren clothes..purchaced from a clearance rack.. So yeah, name brand stylish is OK..DISCOUNTED.. But those PHAT KIDS cothes, please...

Marriage-101 said...

I'd be leery for all the reasons expressed above. A free trip to NYC is cool but not at the risk of potentially being harassaed or made to feel uncomfortable on national TV.

Beth said...

I say go for it. It sounds exciting. But I too would sit down with my family first and have a discussion about what everyone thinks! Keep us posted!

Dapoppins said...

Parenting is a lot about balance, but even thinking Tyra is a cool person, I don't watch that show cause it isn't really about balance at all, is it?

I am very curios to what happens when you call. Keep us updated.