Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mud, mud, mud

Some of you may have heard: The Midwest is flooding. That would definitely include us. While we are fortunate enough to be on a hill and safely out of reach of our swollen, muddy creek, our well isn't. It's underground, where wells belong, and it taps into an underwater creek (or crick, as I refer to it). The crick, it's floodin', and with the floodin' comes mud. Underground, afterall, means dirt. And flooding means the dirt all gets stirred up and ends up in my water glass when I run the tap. Mmmm....gritty water you can chew! It smells kind of funny, tasty!

My drive to work now takes 15 minutes longer (as if being on the road for a freakin' hour isn't long enough!) because our little country road that runs through the bottoms is under several feet of swift-moving flood water choked with tree limbs, corn stalks and the occasional unfortunate small animal. I love my truck enough not to be a big enough hick to try to go whitewater rafting in it.

And all this means my horses are butt-deep in mud AGAIN and I'm gonna guess about 50 percent of the grass seed planted in the pastures last weekend washed away with the rain. *sigh*


lov grma f said...

So sorry about all the trouble you are having now, all on top of each other.
Granpa just today, was wondering how bad you got hit with all the flooding.
How safe could that water be to drink, with all that dirty flood water, in your well? Lots more work for you now after all the water gone.
You sure took chance, on driving through all the water, on way to work, even in your truck.

MP said...

I was wondering how you were doing.. My basement has a bit of water and it smells but my commute is all above water..not everyone I work with is so fortunate..If you look over here where I sit in the city I am surrounded 100% by water..the Mississippi, Missouri and Meremac surround us. If ALL were drastically flooded we would become an land locked island..or soemthing like that.

Jenn said...

lov grma...we aren't drinking the water at this point, and if I want tea or coffee, I boil the heck out of it. I talked to some guy at the county extension office about it and he said it should settle and be nice and clear again in about a week, barring any additional flooding. I didn't drive through the bottom roads in the truck...the water is well over 4 feet deep there...I had to go all the way around, way out of my way, to get around the flooding.

mp...ooh...the meramac isn't doing so good! Bustin' through levees left and right. You'd think the corps would figure out how to build them a bit better by now.

Linlee said...

Your poor horses! I hope things clear up.

goat roper said...

Jenn, Sounds awful but at least your house is on the hill. The horses will be so glad to see summer and dry pastures. It's time for the no good crappy crap to end!

Lisa said...

Glad to hear your house is on a hill. Grew up drinking well water from a nearby crick so can completely understand the dirty well water thing... Gah. Hope it DOES clear up soon.

And the grass seed washing away in the pasture. Gah. What a bummer.

Dapoppins said...

Crud, sorry you lost your grass seed! And your poor horses. Will the wet bother their feet?

goat roper said...

Missing you! Are you out there stuck in the mud? Need rescued?