Monday, April 07, 2008

The past couple of weeks, truncated

We are slowly drying out. After a solid week of rain things are starting to look a tad drier. At least the puddles are smaller and the mud is only knee-deep now, rather than waist deep.

Oh, and the window next to MY side of the bed is leaking. Fabulous. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. All. Night. Long. It's TORTURE. It has been leaking for a couple of months (and I asked Hubby to PLEASE fix it a couple of months ago, to no avail) and we now have reason to believe it's not just a faulty window's the roof. *sigh* If it's not one freaking thing, it's another. I wonder if a couple of cans of that expanding foam crap will fix it, at least temporarily until we can get someone out to take a look and find out what's really going on up there. Damn rain.

Between the failing pond dam, the leaking window/roof, the hip-deep mud and truck-sized potholes in our driveway you'd think it was monsoon season.

It was finally dry enough Sunday that I could get out into the yard and mow without sinking the tractor up to the axles in slop. Yay!

And, if it doesn't rain today, Unruly and I will be planting tulips, daylilies and wildflowers. Double yay! I've been itching to get out and do some digging around in the dirt. I don't think my day at work will go by fast enough and all I'll be thinking about all day long is riding and planting!

I am now the mother of a 16-year-old. Someone, please say plenty of prayers for us. Actually, Wild has made enormous maturity strides in the past few months. It's almost like she's becoming human again on most days. Yes, we still have the occasional moments of monster-like mood swings, but I can deal with the occasional attitude compared to the constant foul mood we were once forced to live with. It's pleasant and she is once again, mostly pleasant to live with. We still do have that issue with the two sisters fighting and egging each other on, but I really do think it's a sibling thing. What siblings actually get along with each other while they live together? Not many. I fought with my sister constantly, now, we are best friends. One day, I hope, Wild and Unruly will figure that out and be close.

I have pictures to post, but I'm at work and my camera is not. Such is life.


Jeff said...

Yay for yard work! I'm also glad to hear everything is drying out!!!

MP said...

I always wanted a brother...I think I would have fought w/ a sister too..but..only child..Oh well, what are you gonna do.

I was on vaca and it seemed like it rained all while we were it's gonna rain again! crazy...I hope someone is building an arc

Kathy said...

...and here we are hoping for a little more rain before summer so our new pasture seed and plants will grow some.
How exciting to have a 16 year old daughter, I am so happy for you.
I certainly hope that it isn't a leaky roof. ugh....

Lisa said...

Yeay on the drying out thing.

Whenever I read your site and you talk about Wild and Unruly, a Dixie Chicks song goes through my head... Especially the lyric - "I want to grow something Wild and Unruly." Think of you and your girls when I hear that song... :-)