Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Absence strengthens

The Hubster is gone, adios. He's on a jet plane headed to Las Vegas for the rest of the week. For a work conference...uh huh. I wonder how much "work" will get done compared to "fun."

All weekend he kept asking if I was going to miss him. Well, of course I'll miss him. But I won't MISS HIM, like desperately pining away for him in my robe whilst cramming bonbons in my face and watching bad daytime television. Is that awful of me? I'm a firm believer in the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" concept. Every now and again, couples just need some time APART.

Our allotted time apart was far overdue. I can always tell when we get to that point because everything he does starts to drive. me. crazy. His sound of his chewing at dinner. Crazy. The way he breathes. Crazy. The way he likes to walk around in his boxers. Crazy. The amount of time he spends in the bathroom. Crazy. How he fixates on all things geek. Crazy.

See? Time for a little quality days apart, yes? I'm sure he'll have fun. And the girls and I will have fun too. Unruly will adopt my bed as her own until Hubster gets home, which is quite all right with me. Far too soon she'll be too old to cuddle up with ole mom, so I'll get as much cuddling as I can now.

But while I'm enjoying our time apart, I'll also be cursing his absence. Because we still have a party to host Saturday. And he doesn't get home until Friday night.

By the way...I made him angry twice this weekend because I did a couple of things I've been asking him to do for ages. A long time ago I decided I wasn't going to be a nag. I'd ask him twice, and only twice, to do something, then give him some time to do it (a month or so), and if it didn't get done, I'd just do it myself without saying a word. So, that's what I did.

I've been asking him for about a month to get the basement straightened up. It didn't happen and it didn't happen. So, Sunday, I did it and he got mad.

Monday the rain let up long enough for me to climb up on the roof and seal around a vent where we believe there is a leak. I asked him back in FEBRUARY to see about doing something about it. In April I purchased roof sealer specifically designed for such a problem and I reminded him again to please climb up on the roof and seal around the vent in April. I reminded him one more time about three weeks ago and then I dropped it so I wouldn't break my "no nagging" rule.

I figured after three reminders and four months and still no action, it wouldn't be done. So, I did it. It took all of 20 minutes. Seriously. And he got mad that I did it.

Please explain to me why he would get mad at me for doing something that needed to be done after I gave him FOUR MONTHS to do it? I'm all confused.


Krista said...

I think they get mad because they were "gonna do it", but we both know that it wouldn't have happened without nagging because it's not high on their priority list... glad you have a "system" worked out so that your things get done eventually! ;)
I hope the week apart really does help!

Anonymous said...


He got mad that I was putting the chair together..and I said I wanted to make sure mine wouldn't fall apart..you see I READ DIRECTIONS..

2 weeks later he put his chair together..set it upright and 2 screws fell out (he figured they were extra)...

I should have just put both of them together myself.

Jim Thomsen said...

Duh! He got mad because he's "the man," and you just took two inches off his penis by acknowledging his impotence. Which, of course, he richly deserved.

Sona said...

Because he knows all the neighbors saw you climb up on that roof and were shaking their heads about what a poor husband you must have.

Oh wait - you live on a farm. No one would have seen it.

Never mind. You simply crushed his manly ego by being as capable (and more responsible) than he.

Jim Thomsen said...

So here's a question for you, just as a sort of fun self-awareness exercise:

What would you say are some of the little everyday things that drive your husband nuts about YOU?

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you..are you under water?