Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh, my

I figured I'd better log in and post before I forget my password!

Summer is so, so busy for me. By the time I get home from work, do my outside chores, play with my horses and my kids and do the inside routine, it's almost 10 p.m. and all I want to do is hit the hay! Rain rain rain and more rain has kept the pastures, field and lawns deliciously green...but also growing at an uncontrollable rate. I never thought I'd get sick of mowing...but I'm getting sick of mowing. My 8-acre field is gorgeous with a variety of colorful wildflowers and grasses, butterflies and an assorted variety of birds (including a few quail I spotted a few days ago and some rarely seen meadowlarks), but it's now over four feet high and almost at the impossible to mow point. I keep teetering back and forth between "do I mow it now or leave it to seed and mow it in the fall when it's dry and easier to get through?" If I mow the whole darn thing now, it will be ugly for a few weeks while the grasses grow back. If I DON'T mow now, the weeds will go to seed and I'll have even MORE unwanted weeds next spring. I'm also afraid I'll take away the habitat of whatever may be living in there now: Quail, snakes, rabbits, butterflies, ground-nesting birds, etc. What a conundrum!

I actually had to get up before the sun Thursday just so I could ride. Because I knew the grass needed some mowing attention and my flower beds needed weeding and my veggies needed tending.

During the spring I hated our swimming pool because we couldn't keep the damn thing clean. These days, I'm loving it! What better way to end a hot, sweaty day working than a quick dip in those clear, cool, blue waters. Ahhh....refreshing!

Two of my guinea hens have been "setting" for just over three weeks. They are incubating...are you ready for this? Around 60 eggs! Holy guinea eggs! If they all hatch (which I seriously doubt) and live (even bigger doubt on that), what the heck am I going to do with 60 more guineas? Egads! I'm becoming the old chicken lady! We have 25 fancy, rare and ornamental week-old pullets (hens) and two Phoenix rooster chicks in the brooder in the basement. Outside we have three turkey chicks, the guineas, two ducks (yes, the others are now in the freezer, that was a non-pleasant experience), and eight grown chickens. We're almost a chicken farm!

I have a whole file of pictures I need to post. Flood pictures, chick pics, kid pics, horse pics, etc. etc. Where, or where, is my time?


nell said...

If you ever find more time, please let me know, I think I'm missing some too.

Enjoy all your outdoor time, it sounds lovely, if a bit exhausting.

Krista said...

yeah... I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing!
At this rate I'm going to have to split up my reader and be way behind even to get a start! ;)
I hope you've got better weather now... and I vote to leave the pasture. My brother and I had such fun playing in the tall grass of our pasture when we were little! Of course I believe it was less than half an acre... but still, it was fun!

A. di :) said...

welcome back! not like you to be gone so long. I'd leave the tall grasses and enjoy the birds and butterflies! luv ya, Aunt Di

Kathy said...

I have mised you! Looking forward to the pictures. Toss a coin on the pasture. Long grass, good for the wild life. Short grass, good for the pasture in the long run. Was the DUCK tasty?

Anonymous said...

Outside time seems really nice. You have to start with taking us back to how the party was??

What are the kids doing now that school was out??

Get those pictures up. I was worried thinking you were underwater...glad I was wrong.