Monday, June 30, 2008


It's funny how sometimes a mistake can lead to good things. Recently I signed up for and inadvertantly clicked on "invite all contacts." So, everyone in my address book got a nice little "connect with me!" request.

For those who got it and thought I'd lost my mind (I NEVER send mass mailings), I'm sorry!

But, my extra-itchy clicky finger also "connected" me to at least three people I'd hadn't heard from in forever. People I'd all but forgotten were in my address book. Not forgotten about, mind you, but people who kind of went by the wayside as we go through life.

This morning I had three wonderful "how ARE you?" emails from my long lost friends in response to my accidental click n' mail. Which was a very, very pleasant surprise.

You know how it is — things get in the way, time becomes scarce, and friendships, especially those of the long-distance variety, take effort to maintain. And I wasn't putting in that effort. I am a bad friend. Ok. Not a bad friend. I'm a good, albeit sometimes lazy, friend.

I like re-connecting. It's fun, and with some of those "old friends," it's a nice, long walk down memory lane!


Kathy said...

Laughing here! I didn't think we graduated together! But then my elderly mind does forget some things! I just deleted the invite and forgot about it til now....

Krista said...

No worries, I'm sure everyone figured it was just a random thing!
My 10 year high school reunion is this weekend. I'm excited and yet starting to get a little freaked out... especially tonight as I realized I drove by the house of the guy I had a crush on all through high school (and he's one of those I never saw again so have no idea what happened to him). I guess I'm glad I'm happily married, huh? :)