Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hiding in the high Sierras

The girls and I have been in California visting my mom and her husband on their ranch in the mountains since last week. We'll be here until next week. We spent the weekend, Monday and Tuesday really roughing it deep in the Sierras, far out of reach of any kind of cell service, running water, electricity or signs of civilization. It was WONDERFUL! We went horse back riding in the mountains. You haven't truly lived until you've viewed the moutains and valleys on top of a horse. Seriously. It's amazing.

I thought we had a pretty awesome view of the stars at our house...out in the mountains its entirely different. I had a hard time finding the familiar constellations because there are so many "extra" stars up there! I could even see the dust in the rings of the Milky Way. Incredibly humbling.

We're back at the ranch today and are planning to visit some old gold mining towns and tour an old gold mine museum. Should be fun! I have tons of pictures of us riding up the mountains but the internet connection isn't that fabulous out here so I'll save the uploading of photos for when I get back to Illinois.


Sona said...

Oh do try to take pictures of that night sky! Can't wait!

A. di :) said...

I can imagine how awesome the sky is at night out there. I was upnorth here in MI last week and we'd spend an hour (sometims more) just laying out on the lake looking up at the stars! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

WOW...sounds delightful