Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Home: Where the air is like soup

We're home. Our plane landed around midnight and I think I managed to get to sleep around 2:30 a.m....and up again just before 6 a.m. to head in to work. Tell me that wasn't planned well. Sheesh. Sometimes I think I can do more than I really can. What I can't do well is operate like a normal human being on four hours of sleep. It's just not happening.

When we walked off the plane and into that tunnel thing into the terminal the first thing we all noticed was the heaviness in the air. And the rivulets of water running down the interior walls of the tunnel. Humidity anyone? The real temperature here is the same as it was in California, but it feels about 20 degrees hotter. And hard to breathe. And heavy. Oh, so heavy and thick.

From golden (aka dead grass everywhere) yet dusty California to tropical, wet and incredibly green Illinois. What a difference! My skin already feels better, less like a dried up raisin and more like a juicy peach. But this being drenched in sweat as soon as you walk outside thing just sucks. I forgot how much it sucks.

Did you know that grass can grow FEET in a mere ten days? Seriously. It can. I don't know where my flower beds are, but I'm pretty sure they are hiding somewhere in the jungle that was once my lawn. Incredible. I think I saw wild animals creeping through the grass and stalking my dogs this morning. I told the hubster that if I die first while we still live on the farm, he'd best just pack up all his stuff and find a nice condo where someone else will do the yardwork for him. Because a mowin' man he ain't. He just doesn't do yard work. I do yard work and barn work while he folds the laundry. It works for me. Except when I'm gone, then it's extra work for me.

I have TONS of wonderful photos. Tons. And they are beautiful. I can't wait to share!


lov grma f. said...

Hot and heavy it sure has been, but around here our green is turning brown. need rain.
Bet the animals were real glad to see you back.
Can't wait to see all the pictures. I know they will be beautiful. For it is beautiful country.

take care. "Hi, to all, hugs and kisses"

Sona said...

Don't get lost in the tall grass. Can't the goats take care of that?

Jenn said...

lov grma f...our grass is green, green, green and won't stop growing! It was definitely nice to see all the critters...I thought the dogs were going to fall over with joy at seeing us.

Sona...the goats can take care of a little bit of it, but their tummies aren't that big! I don't think all three horses could even take care of the jungle at this point!