Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mom, the bus smells bad

And...the girls are back in school! Someone please 'splain to me the intelligence of having the first day of school on a Friday...then making that day a half day? Oh, and to follow that up with a week of school that gets out two hours early every day? What?

Anyway, for a couple of kids who bitched and moaned about NOT wanting to start school, they were sure up bright, early and eager on the morning of the First Day. All went well, except for the fact that Wild's school is still not completed. She said students were relegated to the gym when they were there because the renovations and updates on the high school aren't done. They weren't able to get their lockers because they were all torn out and there are none yet. So, hopefully the workers will get off their butts and finish up the renovations by Monday!

The bus smells bad, according to Unruly. I understand that bus smell, and it is bad. Very bad. Stinky, sweaty little kids and stinky, sweaty hormonal teens a sweet smelling bus does not create.

Unruly seems to like her teacher and she was utterly amazed that she knew everyone in her 2nd grade class this year. In a 2nd grade class of about 60 students total, I think she's going to find it hard not to know someone. Since kindergarten there has been one, yup, just one, brand new student come to her class. Such is small town life.

The Hubster took both of them to have their hair cut the day before school. I know, I know, never a good idea to get it done that close to the First Day, but it needed to be done. Unruly was starting to look like a shaggy sheep dog, which is NOT a good look for her. Both girls got shag cuts, lots o' layers for their thick manes of obnoxious waves. Unruly is the spittin' image of her mama in the late '70s, poor kid.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Unruly will have a good school year without too many misbehavior issues and that Wild will actually pass all of her classes each semester. Hey, one can dream, right?


nell said...

Hooray for the start of school! Glad everything went smoothly, stinky or otherwise.

Sona said...

Dont forget the smell of those cheap vinyl seats on the bus. Classic.

Glad things went well. We did the haircut thing too but it went ok.

Kathy said...

Too funny, haircuts and stinky buses.You have funny kids!

Jenn said...

Nell...and so far, everything continues to go smoothly. But its always like that for the first month or so, then the "I don't wanna go to school" moans start creeping in as the oldest rushes to finish forgotten homework before the bus arrives.

Sona...And that smell never seems to change. It's the exact same smell we endured, but instead of Baby So Soft mingled in the stink, they have Axe.

Kathy...they do amuse me nearly every day. It's like having a comedy sitcom LIVE!