Friday, December 19, 2008

Pulling my hair out

I just don't know whether to be grateful Unruly's school keeps such close tabs on the welfare of their students or be angry that mine seems to be singled out for some reason.

First it was the walnut juice stains on her hands. I got a call from the nurse about that.
Then it was the itchy scalp. I got a call about that and a recommendation that I use conditioner on her head.
Today it's was a call about a cat bite Unruly got last night on her hand. The nurse wanted to let me know that Unruly had a cat bite (ummm..yes, we knew) and that she circled the bite with marker so we could watch for swelling. She also proceeded to tell me how dangerous cat bites can be. Well, thanks for that, but really, I have it under control. I know about cat bites. I told Unruly to tell me if it hurt more or felt hotter and told her cats have tons of nasty germs in their mouths that could cause her to get sick. I told the nurse, quite firmly, that the bite had been scrubbed, disinfected and slathered with antibiotic ointment and then covered with New Skin antibiotic before bed last night. I also told her that I was keeping an eye on it and would contact Unruly's doctor if I felt it was getting infected, thank you very much.

Was that snotty of me? I'm frustrated at this point because it just feels like she's been singled out for some reason. We don't beat our kids. We don't abuse our kids. They are fed, bathed, clothed, housed and nurtured quite adequately. We don't yell at or ignore our kids, hell, they don't even get spanked when they probably should.

So, I'm stuck between really wanting to make a stink about this perceived singling out of my daughter and just keeping my mouth shut and being thankful that the teacher and nurse are paying attention to the kids instead of just going through their days oblivious. Because really, I do hope they are just as attentive to the kids who NEED the intervention as they are to my kid, who is just being a kid.


Sona said...

Remember this is the age of liability and lawsuits. The school is probably just covering their ass.

amy said...

The following is totally unrelated to the post:

Happy Birthday, Jenn!

amy said...

For some reason, all week I've thought that Friday was the 20th. I'm allowed my blond moments, right? So I was just wishing you happy b-day a day early :)