Friday, July 14, 2006

The secret life of mom without kids

You would be amazed how much the daily routine changes when there are no kids around. I have SO much time on my hands I don't know what to do with it. I've spent the last 10 years dedicating every spare waking moment to taking care of and being with my kids that I think I've forgotten how to be by myself. It certainly doesn't help matters much that I really am all. by. myself. Hubby is back on the midnight shift so all my nights are completely alone. Two nights a week he has class, so I don't see him until the next morning when he crawls into bed after work as I am crawling out to go to work.

Dinner last night was: an ear of sweet corn from my garden, cooked in the microwave, and a bowl of cut-up watermelon, also from my garden. Very yummilicious. I grew red sweet corn this year and it's not only beautiful to look at, but it tastes fantastic, especially when the time between plucking it from the stalk and taking that first sweet, juicy bite was no more than 10 minutes.

I rode the attitudinal appaloosa down the lane and tried to get him to canter a bit. He is SO lazy. But, I wasn't too insistent that he hold the canter for very long. He's old and fat. I'm just as fat and out of shape as he is and I wouldn't want to run down the lane with someone on my back either, so I didn't push the issue. It was a good ride. He's a good horse, not my type of horse, but a good horse. The girls love him to bits and pieces (and spoil him rotten with FAR too many treats) and that's all that really matters. I miss my sweet, beautiful Star. I miss our long, heart-pounding gallops.

Old Ann gave me a box of fresh peaches from her trees. Some have worm holes, that's how I know they are good. If your produce isn't marred in at least one spot by the insects, don't eat it. If the bugs don't want it, what makes you think you should eat it?

I vegged on the couch and watched "Hex" and "Ed vs Spencer" and downed an entire bowl of movie theatre butter (aka an artery clogging mess of dietary badness) microwave popcorn. I thought I was going to fall off the couch I was laughing so hard watching "Ed vs Spencer." If you've not seen it, I highly recommend tuning to BBC America Thursday nights and watching it. Oh. My. God. Funny. Stupid in the way that men can be, but hilariously funny. I love Brit humor. It's so dumb it's funny. Those who don't laugh at Brit humor have something seriously wrong in their lives. Stupid is funny. Stupid will always be funny no matter how politically incorrect it may be. My never miss shows used to be "Mr. Bean" and "Black Adder." Yes, there is something disturbingly sexy about Rowan Atkinson. Don't ask me to explain because I can't. I won't even try.

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