Monday, July 17, 2006

The truth of the matter

I'm convinced. Absolutely, irrefutably, beyond a shadow of a doubt convinced that childless couples do have better sex and better sex more often. Really. Really. I have had more fantastic sex in the week my kids have gone than I have had in the past five years. Quite heavenly! People at work must think I'm on a new anti-depressant because I've been coming to work in such a giddy mood and leaving for home in such a hurry. I imagine Hubby is either A) thinking he's died and gone to heaven, B) Worried I'm an alien clone or C) Counting his blessings and hoping it never ends.

I remember now what I had good sex can be when I'm not constantly listening for Unruly pounding on the door at 6 a.m. begging to come cuddle with me or listening to the fighting between sisters that instantly kills any mood at all. If I could only figure out how to keep this going full steam ahead once they get back, life would be fabulous. Seriously though, I doubt it will happen. There is always breakfast to be made, hair to be combed, laundry to be done, fights to mediate, boo-boos to's never ending and it ends with less sex for us. *sigh*

The closing date for our new house is this week. *crossed fingers* Hopefully. It has been one big pain in the neck for the past two weeks. The bank has all it's crap together, we have all our crap together and ready to go. The blockage? The appraiser. There were a few things that needed to be done before he would sign the form for the bank to release the loan, however, he filled the form out incorrectly and then went on vacation. Yes, vacation. For a week. He was on vacation while we wondered and agonized and worried over what absolutely needed to be done and what was just a suggestion for improving the value of the home.

So, yesterday, Hubby and I went out to the (almost) new house, were joined by the husband of our agent, and did the repairs. An all-day job in the 102-degree weather. Yes, seven hours working on someone else's home and property so we can buy it. I've blisters on my hands, sore shoulders and a sunburn to prove it. I consider it sweat equity. I'm a bit pissed that this homeowner has been too lazy to keep up on maintenance, but it's done. That's really all the repairs amounted to...six years of maintenance that was just allowed to fall to the wayside instead of being done.

The appraiser went back out today, with Hubby, and all our hard work and sweat has paid off: The appraiser approved the improvements and released the loan. Thursday should be the day! Cross your fingers! I need to remember to bring my camera with me when we start on this moving-in/home improvement/home ownership journey, because there is much to be done and much to document. Besides, it gives me yet one more reason to start another scrapbook!

I went through a few photo albums from my childhood over the weekend to rescue the photographs from the evil, non-archival sticky pages. Memories abound, both good and not-so-good. Maybe I'll write more about some of those memories later.

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