Thursday, November 09, 2006

It must be the water...or global warming

So, it's fall. The leaves are pretty much gone and everything starts looking kind of dead. These are my woods on a slightly foggy morning, looking pretty dormant and just a touch spooky.

And with the woods looking like this, it means I put out the bird feeders and watch the gluttony among our feathered friends begin. However, things around here have been just a tad strange. Today the temperature got up to a blazing 80-degrees. Rather hot for a November day here in the Midwest. The grass is still green. I'm starting to worry that my flower bulbs may become confused and try to sprout.

And the birds are abnormally large this year. Could it be the sunflower seed? Maybe the abundance of bugs over the summer? Apparently, we grow 'em big out here.

This is what I found at one of my bird feeders yesterday morning, making a major pig of herself.

No shame. None at all.

I guess it's not just cows and farm girls who are corn fed 'round these parts.

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