Friday, October 05, 2007

Being a non-lactating lactivist

See that little boob and baby widget over there ----->? The one that says "Facebook Sucks?" It's there for a reason. It's there because Facebook decided that all photos of nursing moms are obscene and offensive and must be removed from Facebook pages. Then they went through and removed them all. I find that offensive.

The lactivists at the League of Maternal Justice have launched a campaign to get Facebook to change its ridiculous idea that nursing mom boobs are offensive and get enough people to delete their Facebook profiles that Facebook will feel it.

Half-dressed college girls with boobs barely covered and butt cleavage in full view, I find offensive. Facebook allows those. Mom boobs feeding our next generation, I just can't figure out how its offensive.

And obscene? There is absolutely nothing obscene about a mother nurturing, nourishing and loving her child. It's beautiful. How can people say they are offended by that? Sure, you might catch a glimpse of breast while the baby nurses, but you really have to crane your neck and stare to get a full-on boob shot, nipple and all. And usually, the baby's head is in the way for any really good boob viewing. Why do people say "awwww! How cute!" when they see a litter of puppies or kittens nursing, but gasp with horror if they see a human nursing her young? It's the same darn thing.

I nursed Unruly. I nursed in public places and I endured all kinds of looks that spoke volumes about that person's opinion of nursing moms. It was demeaning that someone, anyone, could view the most beautiful moment between a mother and a child as something to be offended by and I always managed to feel like I'd done something WRONG by feeding my daughter.

Sometimes, Americans infuriate me. They obsess about and sexualize boobs in all kinds of ways every day. Hooters, baby tees, push up bras, boob jobs, Playboy, Madonna, teeny tiny tanks and nipple piercings all seem to be okay and accepted by society in general. But toss a nursing mom into that crowd and suddenly, the boob is offensive and obscene. Is it because they view that perfectly good boob as being wasted by a nursing mouth? A hungry tummy?

I've never had a Facebook account, and after learning how they treat moms and babies, I never will. And if I was nursing again, I'd whip it out with pride and nurse in public.


Marriage-101 said...

For as many breast-feeding moms as there are in this world, I'm surprised that I don't see more of them. Is it because of this pressure that you speak of? I think it is. That's sad.

lov grma said...

100% behind you.
It has become a very sad way some have become, looking at the most natural thing between a mother and her baby.
Boobs were and are for feeding babies, they were NOT made for a sex toy.

Wendy said...

Let's here it for the working boob! (and I don't mean Bush!)

goat roper said...

What is Facebook?
When referring to lactation I prefer the terms breast or mammary glands. Just saying....
And just the words 'nipple piercings' makes my knees weak and my skin crawl!
And Jenn, I just love the diversity of topics you explore!

Jenn said...

Marriage 101...I think most moms are really, really discrete when they do have to nurse in public, so when someone actually catches a glimpse it's a shock. I agree that a lot of moms have just become so uncomfortable with nursing in public that they avoid it as much as they can.

lov grma...I agree with you, 100%. I think we are one of the only societies who have turned the breast into such a sex object that its natural purpose is now the one many view as obscene.

Wendy...ROFL!!! Love it!

Goat Roper...Facebook is a lot like's an online social networking site. Facebook is HUGE with millions of users who all interact with each other online through user pages. See, I could never get a nipple piercing...but I know quite a few people who have them and they aren't that terribly uncommon any more. Or, maybe, I just hang out with weirdos. :P

Darlene said...

Yep, it IS so true that society as turned the breast into a sexual object instead of what it is made for.

Having been a recent nursing mother, I've discovered that there are a lot of nursing mothers. Yet you never see many because of the views of everyone else and the anxiety of what people are thinking when they see you nursing. I personally only nursed my daughter in public once, and only because I had to. I usually had my outings scheduled around her feedings. I did worry about what people were thinking, and feared the thought of someone making a nasty comment and having to deal with that.

Even around family members...those people who you are supposed to be the most comfortable around... At family gatherings I went into another room. I had brought it up before and found out that it'd make certain people uncomfortable if I were to nurse infront of them. Some would be ok, while others were not.

I too cannot believe that facebook would allow photos of the nearly nude teenagers trying to be sexy, yet not allow photos of a mother feeding her child. The views of some can be so skewed, and it's sad to think of the large number of perverted minds that are out there.