Saturday, October 06, 2007


I've been secretly making a whole lot of new friends on the sly. Lots and lots of new friends who have fun, interesting, thought-provoking blogs! Some of them are so interesting I can't believe I didn't know them before and I'm just excited to have found them.

How did I find them, you ask? Where the heck have I been hanging out to meet all these new peeps without telling you? Well, I've been playing around in a new social community, and it goes live tomorrow (Sunday), so you can check it out for yourself.

Also, take a peek at the Antman's blog on cre8buzz to get an idea of the kind of community already building over there.

When I was first invited to give the beta site a try, I thought, "hmmm...this will
probably be just like MySpace and I'll get tired of it and stop going after a day or two."
But it isn't, and I haven't. Because it's so much more than a bunch of teenagers being childish and irritating, it's adults truly wanting to become a community and making that community work. I joined the women's community (and LOVE it!), but there is something for just about everyone and it's growing.

And after I joined I saw the hits on BOTH my blogs spike and stay up. So, by making friends and reading blogs at cre8buzz, I managed to get a few more people visiting me over here, reading and commenting. Which I love, not because I make money on this blog (which I don't and most likely never will) but because I love the give and take, the conversation, the community.

I'm journalistjenn, and you can find me here.


Antman said...

Whas up girl? Thank for the love. We are trying hard to make it all that and then some. Glad ya havin' fun. It is all good in the hood!

lov grma said...

How do you find all the time to read and answer all these Bloggs, work, and take care of house, horse, kids and husband?

Just to read the few I do, and answer couple notes and gee, the time has gone by so fast.

Jackal said...

Go cre8Buzz - go!

Joeprah said...

Buzz, buzz, buzz! See you around the buzz, I must look you up.

Jenn said...

antman...any time! I only give props where props are due!

lov grma...I'm not quite sure. Sometimes, the day ends and I feel like I've been doing all day long! I take advantage of shorts breaks that I get at work while waiting for return calls and whatnot.

jackal...rah rah rah! :)

joeprah...thanks for stopping by...I LOVE your blog, btw.

Wendy said...

Now that I joined, I find it also fits into your next post, about time being GONE! Just what I needed, more online time with nothing to show for it. Maybe my numbers will go up, too......